Sunday, December 07, 2008

i've moved

wordpress here i come.
please update your links accordingly (:

Saturday, December 06, 2008

why so serious?

this is so funny. love this.
from dark campaign - an unofficial grassroot support "the dark knight" for the academy awards.

Matt Vincent

matt vincent has got great illustrations.
spotted in december's issue of ish magazine.
love the way he sets his composition in such a dynamic photographic angles and vivid colours.
somehow his subjects always has alot of movement in them. loved a particular one (below) which was featured in the magazine. an illustration with walking ladies on street in summer with huge ice cubes frozen at the hips, titled "Fertility". lol! what punch!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

President Design Awards 2008

the winners of President Design Awards 2008 was revealed on 1st December in La Salle College Singapore Airlines theatre. was a little disappointed with the results of the 3 Designers of the Year and 6 (mainly architectural and interior) Designs of Year. Results as follows:

Designer of Year:
Edmund Wee of Epigram (Visual Communications Design Category)
Wong Mun Summ & Richard Hassell of WOHA (Architectural Design Category)
Nathan Yong Air Division (Product/Industrial Design Category)

Design of Year:
19 Jalan Elok
BBH Office in Warehouse
Eubiq Power Outlet System
Lasalle College of the Arts
National Museum of Singapore
Naumi, Singapore
New Majestic Front Lawn

wasnt exactly excited over the listed winners. i guess the Designs of the Year are no doubt fabulous architectural pieces (you should google them), maybe I had more affinity to VisComm nominees and was more disappointed with the Designer of the Year. I was actually hoping to see big names that I encountered during my one-month stint in DesignSingapore Council; designers like Chris Lee of Asylum (under VisComm category), Ashley Isham (under Fashion design category) are some really worthy names that make Singapore design known to the world. sadly maybe the jury panel failed to notice their efforts in this year's cut.

and here are few personal photos taken outside of the award ceremony:

the trophy award

exhibition area


A local psuedo-project runway-ish (non-telecasted) show coming on..

Quoted from the 100 X STRUT website:

"The 100 X series is *scape’s annual visual feast of 100 items transformed into artworks by talented young artists - with a twist: the 100 items must be created and auctioned off for a special cause.

Last year, *scape and a team from NTU brought together 100 visual artists to paint on 100 Chairs, raising a total of S$8000 for Singapore Children's Society.

This year the 100 X series takes on the form of 100 outfits created by 50 young fashion designers. The outfits will be auctioned off in support of the Dove Self Esteem Fund and *scape. "

Fashion items ranged from amateurs to hot local designers will be showcased on 3 different shows:
6 Dec Bugis Junction
13-14 Dec Heeren
20 Dec *scape Youth Park

Check out if you have the time!

Monday, December 01, 2008

chow martin

crazy surrealistic illustrations by chow martin, impressed by the pen details with great anatomical studies in almost every illustrations..

Dice Stopmotion

Fujiya & Miyagi- Ankle Injuries from Insound on Vimeo.

this is pretty awesome stopmotion MV made purely out of dice..

Saturday, November 29, 2008

true love tattoos

true love tattoo is totally wicked..
ever heard or thought of the idea of tattooing your pumping heart as a sign for love?
this site offers this service, whereby they'll operate and tattoo on the pounding heart, take a polaroid and sew it back.. all for a fee of 7500UK Pounds.
i supposed it's a viral website for a band's new album or something but it is a really wicked idea for promotion..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Architecture of Nature

my Graphic Design Final Project whereby we have to consider and implement theme of nature and urban fusing them into a single project.

As typed in my write-up on project:

"Drawing inspiration from the nature, this particular collection transforms the usual organic warmth of nature that we are familiar, into cold technical drawings against the background of grid paper, resembling that of a blueprint for architectural and engineering use. The drawings are set beside the close-up Nature photography to create the contrast.

The choice of translucent tracing paper material allows viewers to overlay the drawings against a lit background of the lightbox, which will provide them the experience of sieving through the most fundamental forms of nature (like how we examine x-rays); and breaking down the context and redefining the term ‘man-made’. By bringing the technical drawings and close-up photographs of nature together, this project aims to pull the two of extreme definitions of ‘man-made’ and ‘nature’ together and form only a blur line that separate between the two."

the layout on the grading/showcase day itself..


submitted my idea/design for locker to FreeAgent Locker Competition. do vote for my work at the following site if you have the time: FreeAgent Inspire (Page 8).

Although I found it crappy that the file I sent was reduced to such a small resolution and cropping on the site itself (see below). wondering that it would be unfair to those who did really intricate details that could not be shown on the site itself..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

telok ayer

some photos taken in telok ayer, after the trip to botanical gardens.. with some pseudo lomo-effects picked up online (yep i know they dont really look like it but watever.. )

somehow i feel that my subjects are kinda lonely.. brrrr..